Ruta Czaplinska

Mechanical Engineering Department President

Key Points

  • Continuing improvement of communication between the Department and Student body
  • Being an available representative to all students
  • Ensuring all year groups are equally represented
  • Organising more Mech specific events
  • Year experience in the role with a strong Faculty network


Thanks for coming to this website and reading my manifesto – much appreciated.

I’m Ruta and I am in my second year.  However, I will be now going into my fourth year at Southampton as I also completed a Foundation year. As a result, I have gotten to know the place pretty well. 

I have been the Mechanical Engineering Department President and I have really enjoyed working along with the department and the student representatives in improving the course. We worked on many issues raised by the students such as coursework deadlines distribution throughout the year, module selection and module specific feedback.

I believe that ultimately, we all have the same goal – both as students and the Department – to make the most out of our time at university. To make this happen I want to bridge the gap between what students need and want and what the department does.

 My Key Points outline my main plan of action. If you have any thoughts, questions, ideas approach me on campus or contact me at: rac1g16@soton.ac.uk