Mary Strutt

Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering Department President

Key Points

  • I will strive for fair representation.
  • I firmly believe every students voice is important.
  • I aim to re-introduce department presidents for each engineering cohort.
  • I hope to improve student experience.
  • I wish to reduce the School of Engineering's environmental impact.

Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering Department President is a hugely important position as it provides the higher-level representation for three engineering cohorts. Whilst it is a challenge, I shall be honoured to use my skills to improve aspects of student life. I’m committed, dedicated, well organised, and genuinely passionate about my degree and subject area. I like to think I am approachable, and people will always be welcome to come to me with issues, queries, concerns or feedback of any kind. I am experienced in student representation as I held course rep during my 3rd year and Shippy social rep during 2nd year. I know the university well and pride myself on striving to always help others. Whilst it is important for the engineering cohorts to be integrated, I do feel that the variety of disciplines within this department will certainly be difficult to represent. It is important to me that all students feel suitably represented, as department president I will form close relationships with the academic reps from Civil and Environmental Engineering to ensure that no voice is silenced. If I am elected president, I plan to proposition SUSU on reforming the department to enable a president from each engineering discipline. Firstly, to provide more opportunities and more importantly to develop a fairer representation system. I shall also strive to improve the environmental impact of the Engineering Faculty as a whole, starting with reducing the number of physical coursework hand-ins, which shall also reduce the printing costs to you.