Amelia Nolan

Philosophy Department President

Key Points

  • Listen to and represent the views of philosophy students.
  • Improve the academic experience of philosophy students.
  • Build connections with other departments.
  • I am organised, reliable, approachable, dedicated and open-minded.
  • I will diligently report to students on any changes made.

My name is Amelia Nolan, and I would like to be your Philosophy Department President. 

I believe I could serve you well in this position. I am motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of philosophy students, and know I could be a strong voice for change.

I am an organised, responsible and outgoing individual, who has previously served as the Philosophy Social Secretary. I am looking forward to continuing to build connections with other philosophy students, as I hope to make a positive difference to our lives on campus. 

After studying on my year abroad, and gaining insight into alternate systems, I believe I could bring new ideas and unique insights into how the system could adapt to better serve us. 

I am a confident and driven individual and I will represent the interests of philosophy students passionately. I am also a student of politics, and believe I could work effectively with other departments, to provide a more cohesive experience for students. 

I will diligently take the time to report to philosophy students on any changes and progress made. 

I intend to listen to your views and make myself available to you to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your time, I hope I will have the oppertunity to represent you!