Aimee Lewis

Film Department President

Key Points

  • Will ensure communication between staff and students
  • Will always push for improvements to the film department and its modules
  • Will ensure that feedback is given in a timely, helpful manner
  • I will be available for you to always pass on any queries
  • I am passionate about all things film!

Since joining university I have made myself involved with any aspect of film-related experiences I could. I have been course representative for the students of the film department for two years running (Year 1 - Year 2). I have also run workshops for the filmmaking society, Wessex Films, for an academic year and a half, and I have also been president of that society for a year. I intend to use my experience in these roles to help maintain the high standards of the film department, set up by the University of Southampton and do my best to help make changes that could benefit us all further.