Aalijah Buttimer

Health Sciences School President

Key Points

  • Develop multi-disciplinary learning for all Health Sciences students
  • Promote open communication
  • Ensure that students’ needs during changes are acted upon
  • Keep student wellbeing key to every discussion
  • Be an open, available point of contact between departments

#hellomynameis Aalijah! I’m a first-year student nurse on the adult and mental health programme, with previous professional experience in social care settings and volunteer workforce management.

I’m running for this role because I’m passionate about developing a multidisciplinary community - we have a vast array of experience and expertise in the different health sciences departments that we can use to help each other learn. This will be beneficial to all of our future practice as cross discipline team-working features in so many health and social care settings.

We also have lots of upcoming changes across the School of Health Sciences, including the Future Midwifery Standards, the new nursing curriculum and course re-accreditations. These changes will be exciting and challenging, and I will do everything possible to make sure that your experiences are heard and acted upon during these transitions. I know how incredibly hard Health Sciences students work to progress through our courses, and how our experiences can differ in some ways from those of other students. I will ensure that the wellbeing of students is core to my approach and highlighted at every opportunity.

Finally, I will work to improve communication channels between students and staff, building on the collaborative working we have seen in recent years. Together we can use the diversity of our perspectives to continue to improve. I would be grateful for your support to help us move forward with all of our voices heard.