Dillan Madhani

Law School President

Key Points

  • Ensuring that your voices/opinions are heard and considered by staff
  • Increase awareness for mental health support
  • Improving the awareness for first year employability opportunities
  • Aiming to encourage communication and support between year groups
  • Forge better relationships between Personal Academic Tutors and students

Currently, I am VP of the UoS Mooting Society and have taken an active role in encouraging students to participate in mooting. I have delivered tutorials to first year students and am a confident public speaker, shown by my previous role as Head Boy at school. 

If elected, my main pledge would be to break the barrier/divide between year groups. I had the opportunity to interact with other years through my active participation in MootSoc and I aim to make this opportunity more widely available to all students. The support and advice of other students who have been in my position helped me in preparing myself for each year.

An important issue which is being widely publicised is the area of mental health. The jump between A Levels and University is extremely difficult and the level of independence at University can take a toll on mental health. I look to carry on and build upon the great work which is already being done in emphasising the support available. I believe that a large part could be played by PATs in providing students with that support.

A key aspect of the Law School which I aim to improve is awareness for first year students of opportunities available to them. Whilst the Law School does lots to promote this, sometimes it is useful and more beneficial to hear it from a fellow student. Things which I hope to emphasise include first year vacation schemes and what employers are seeking from potential recruits.