Oliver Davis

Sports Participation Officer

Key Points

  • Work with AUC to better publicise events and campaigns
  • Increase communication with all Clubs
  • Encourage more Clubs to get involved with campaigns
  • Help Clubs to make their pathways more transparent
  • Continue to promote women in sport

In my experience at this University I have been involved with both sides of the AU community. Both have sat on several large and complex Club Committees; as well as currently working on the AUC as the AU Secretary, and the AUC’s representative on the Sport Zone Committee.

When I joined my first AU Club they didn’t explain how their Club worked, or how you get involved or progress. For some, that uncertainty about where the Club will take them and how they will be treated, can dissuade them from joining. I want to help Clubs make those pathways through their sports more transparent to new members, so they are safe in the knowledge they will be treated fairly and know what is expected.

All of the events and campaigns the SPC runs are amazing and worthwhile, however a lot of them can go by without the majority of students realising they even happened. I want to try and push the PR of these events, especially the Women in Sport week, so all those who aren’t involved in sport know that it’s happening at that they are welcome.