Kendall Field-Pellow

LGBT+ Officer

Key Points

  • Experience with student campaigns
  • Voice for all members of the community
  • Engagement and events throughout the year
  • Ensure inclusivity for the whole community
  • Provide an invaluable network for LGBT+ students

I am running for this position because, as a vocal member of the community, I would like to represent LGBT+ students at Southampton. I would aim to liaise with and give students, and the issues they raise, a voice here at the university; especially by utilising student media, an area I have expertise in as I am involved with both Wessex Scene and Surge Radio. I have experience running student campaigns and promoting issues that directly affect students, such as Mental Health Services Funding (mental health in particular is an issue that disproportionately affects LGBT+ individuals). Mental health is something that I consider a leading cause for students.

As Officer I wish to provide greater engagement between Students and the University and Union and relevant organisations and charities, especially by coordinating events, networking, forums, talks, panels and discussion events throughout the year - expanding on promoting and representing students not just during LGBT+ History Month and Trans Awareness Week. I would like to work with the Society to ensure the widest variety of students are catered for.

I believe not enough is currently done to engage with the wider community in the city of Southampton and there also needs to be more inclusion of smaller sections within the community such as for BAME students who are currently not represented at all, and this is something I hope to establish.

And finally, I would like to work with SUSU and The Stag’s Bar to organise LGBT-specific nights throughout the year.