Alexander Beyene

Vice President Education and Democracy

Key Points

  • Promote inclusive culture to promote community experience
  • Improved student and university communication
  • Mental health awareness through student engagement
  • International project experience for students
  • Improved support for international students

I am a mature student who returned after 20 years of industry experience to enhance my knowledge and change my profession in line to my passion. I completed my undergraduate in 2019 and joined Southampton to pursue MSc in business strategy and innovation management. During my studies I have been a course rep representing students interests with school management to find viable solutions in supporting students succeed in their studies and enjoying their time in university.

Moreover, as an international student in the UK I have gained experience working with people from different countries and international students alike. I have strived to succeed with my studies and encourage and support my peers to do the same while enjoying student life.

Representing my peers has also helped me understand the challenges different students face during their study years. To mention, I have had classmates who were afraid to express their challenges in time to get the correct support from university and student union underperform in their studies. Others have had personal issues but missed the opportunity to get the right support due to lack of knowledge of the different support provisions provided by the university.

As a student of Southampton, I have come to see how the student union and the university are eager to make the student life and learning experience enjoyable. If I am elected, I will continue to work in strengthening the accomplishments of my predecessors and work with the university to push for additional student projects that will provide students a test of real-life experience in international settings through collaboration with other European universities.