Harry Bull


Key Points

  • Holding the Sabbatical Officers accountable
  • Ensuring SUSU remains relevant to the student body
  • Maintaining traction on key Union policy including tuition fee refunds
  • Making sure every voice is heard

I am looking to be re-elected as a SUSU Senator, originally putting myself forward during the Pandemic, to ensure that the Union remained an integral voice for the student body. The current situation has made the role of the Senate even more important, enabling key policy changes to be made and allow the Union to make representations on our behalf to the University and the government. I am keen to maintain the work that we have started this year, including approving the Union’s support of Students United Against Fees (SUAF).

The Senate monitors the work of our Sabbatical Officers, who are paid full-time to undertake their roles, making sure that their work remains focused on prioritising the needs of our students. In meeting this year, I pressed for clarification in their work, including supporting the push for all Personal Academic Tutors to have access to specialist mental health training and supporting changes in the Union’s elective offices to make them more accessible to all. By being re-elected, I want to continue supporting the work of our Sabbatical Officers, and continue expressing the views of students in Senate meetings.