Oliver Murray

Biological Sciences School President

Over the past two years, I have worked extensively with the University and SUSU to improve student wellbeing and education quality as a Course Representative and BioSoc committee member.

As the Biology Course Representative in my first and second year, I have ensured that students' voices were heard on issues ranging from lecture accessibility to poor pandemic examination conditions. Working with Course Representatives from all years and degree programmes, I will continue amplifying you and your peers’ voices. I’ll accomplish this by increasing the efficiency of the current system by holding monthly meetings with Course Representatives and general meetings with students to directly discuss concerns.

With the effects of the pandemic being long-lasting, I’ll fight to raise awareness for mental health and provide outlets for students to express themselves and seek help if needed with the implementation of support groups both online and in person.

 To combat the social effects of the pandemic, I want to increase the level of community within our school. I plan to host biweekly competitive and team-building events, in collaboration with BioSoc, between different degree programmes and year groups to increase interaction between different parts of our school.

Additionally, I’ll increase the exposure to job opportunities and internships for all students. I’m confident that my experience as one of the organisers for this past years’ Careers Fair, which was highly successful in the face of the pandemic, makes me ideal for this task.

Thank you for your time. Remember, don’t you worry, Vote for Murray!