Jaden King

History Department President

This has been a tough year for those studying History. Debate and discussion has been hindered by the inconsistencies of IT. As the University helps students and departments recover from the Pandemic, we should have a strong plan to reclaim lost time.


The History Department has been incredibly generous with their time throughout the pandemic - a number of staff gave their time to host introductions to history-based films. We have also hosted academics from other Universities around the UK. I believe this should continue and hopefully, in the future, in person. In addition to these events that would be primarily academic in their aims I will help organise joint social events with other university History faculties and different schools in the Humanities department. Students will have a good opportunity to make new connections, helping improve their future careers. Presidents have also done a great job at editing the Undergraduate Journal for History. I hope to continue this work, and expand the journal so it can be evermore inclusive of different periods and interests.


In addition to these events and the Undergraduate Journal, the University should recognise the challenges that students have faced this year. I will encourage the University to allow more special considerations, so that student’s results reflect their abilities. This applies not only to Undergraduate students, but those at all levels. This is my primary aim - to ensure that despite the past year, students receive grades that truly reflect their ability and potential.