Rebecca Would

Geography and Environmental Science School President

If all you want is someone to say they're aiming for a safe way out of covid to return to exactly how universities were run, then I'm not who you should be looking to. I'm here for CHANGE, modern teaching and assessment methods that work for today's students working with today's technology. I want to promote a (safe) blended learning approach that students are happy with, based around regular student feedback, so that you get the academic experience that you deserve and that will support you in the future. I will also focus on making our education inclusive, diverse and sustainable, in line with the university's 'Decolonising the Curriculum' initiative. This can and will be achieved within safe frameworks, but also provides a jumping point for the future as well.  

I am a confident communicator with both staff and students and stay organised, and my experience as course rep means I'm confident in representing ideas. I also work well with people and aim to be approachable. All of these will help me bring the best to this role!

Student mental health and wellbeing has never been more important, and supporting this will be a focus for me, so that everyone has the happiest student experience possible.