Anna Hubbard

English Department President

Hi! My name is Anna and I’m currently in my second year studying English and History. I have been an English course representative for the past two years and would love to have the opportunity to help out in a different way next year by nominating myself for the role the English Department President.

I am an approachable person and am dedicated to listening to students and resolving any issues that may arise within the department. I like to consider myself a friendly person and have been the Wellbeing Officer for the English Society this year, a role which involved communicating with students and introducing new schemes and activities to help improve student experience.

Although I have been working hard to gather and report on student feedback this year, due to COVID-19 this effort has had to take place online. As president I will expand upon this by introducing monthly face-to-face drop-ins to allow all students within the English department to have the opportunity to feedback about their experiences with the department and whether any improvements could be made.

I am an organised person and have good time management skills which would allow me to effectively work in a team with other department representatives as well as committee representatives within the English department. I’m very passionate about ensuring that English students remain satisfied with the department and have the best possible university experience.