Mae Morgan

Health Sciences School President

Throughout the past 2 years acting as Course Representative, I have been able to develop an understanding of the structure of Student Representation within the School and attend Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings; this has opened my eyes to the issues which students face and find important and thus has improved my ability to advocate and challenge the status quo. Since July 2020 I have sat on and Chaired the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Student Nurse Council, which has improved my confidence in leadership, presentation and the negotiation of key issues impacting student satisfaction. I undertake many roles which enable me to hear about and absorb concerns and queries, within my work as a Lead Ambassador and Online Mentor I delve into the elements of Student and University Life which are important to prospective students and therefore should be integral and valued in their first year. Then for first year students, I have taken on the role of Student Buddy for the past 2 years, enabling me to witness the beginning of the degree and the support that students require at this point. The skills and competence I have built up from these roles will enable me to represent not only Nursing students but students from all of the School of Health Sciences. Finally, in working with the Centre for Higher Education Practice in the Summer, I feel ready and prepared to explore new ways of gaining feedback and improve student experience.