Milly Jones

Women Officer

I have always been passionate about championing the issues of women throughout my life. I have previously been a part of feminist groups and societies in college, as was also part of an Instagram page called beatsexism, where we posted about women issues in the UK and Europe. Especially due to recent events, I think it's even more important now to focus on women issues, especially in and around the university. Tragedies have highlighted the flaws in our society regarding women safety, freedoms and education. As women officer, I would aim to combat issues such as sexual harassment and assault in the university and aim to raise awareness of such a culture that is prominent in almost every university in the UK. I would aim to have a positive relationship with multiple members of the SUSU and start campaigns about various women's issues throughout the year. I would like to be seen as an approachable figure with whom people feel confident about raising pressing issues that revolve around women, especially as these problems are ever-changing and ongoing and affect people's daily lives.