James Roper

History Department President

My role as a course representative for the past two years has given me the opportunity to work closely alongside my coursemates to discuss their academic concerns and pass these onto the History department. Doing this has allowed me to develop the skills needed to effectively pass on feedback to the department during SSLCs. As History President, I would ensure that students are represented more effectively building on my current experience. Part of this would involve working alongside the course representatives to raise more awareness as to who the course reps are for each year and course as well as raising awareness as to what their role is. This would help students to access the most appropriate help for their concerns. Additionally, I would work alongside Histsoc to carry on extra events done with the History department working with them to move these into person when safe to do so. In connection to this, I would work alongside the department in ensuring that second years are provided with the support when university returns to face to face teaching as these students have yet to experience face to face teaching properly. Finally, I would aim to work with the History department in raising feedback on how modules can be decolonised.