Jessica Adams

UHS Officer


I'm Jessica, a 3rd year medical student largely based at the UHS site. One of my main motivators for running for this role is that as a younger student, I had no idea the role existed. I had countless questions about studying at UHS but no peers I felt I could go to with these questions. I want to ensure that ALL students of ALL degree programs at UHS know about this position and that it exists as a point of contact for them to go to for any questions they have.

I also believe directions and how to access the UHS site can be greatly improved. I remember especially in my first year having no idea how to navigate the hospital and wandering around lost with other students. Then in second year when we started placements in the hospital, many of us had no idea how to get to those placements. Then when COVID hit, how to access the hospital and get places without using our usual routes was not communicated to students well. I want to ensure these kinds of patterns are put to rest for good and no one ever is lost on the UHS site from day 1.

Finally, I believe improvements can be made to the student break room. I believe especially in improving/adding kitchen appliances so students are better able to bring their own meals. Not only would this be much healthier for our students, but it will save them hundreds of pounds by not having to pay for lunch in hospital.

If all of these sound like improvements you believe in, I would greatly appriciate your vote so I can get started on improving the student experience at UHS immediately.