Jamie Norton

LGBT+ Officer

Hi! I’m Jamie, a second-year Electronics student, and I’d like to be the next LGBT+ Officer. 

I’ve been part of the LGBTQ+ Society’s committee for the last year, through which I’ve been able to work with SUSU and the sabbatical officers, as well as other societies. I’ve focused on raising awareness of, and educating people about, the LGBTQ+ community - and I'd love to carry this experience forward. 

As a course rep and mentor, I've developed skills putting feedback from a large group of students to use – whether it be general concerns or specific requests. I’d make sure SUSU focuses on responding to needs of student communities; I’d have a public feedback email, and offer regular opportunities to meet with me to offer comments or criticism. 

There's often a lack of engagement through SUSU between new students and queer communities. I'd connect SUSU’s resources with societies’ events experience to create a society-led programme of Freshers and Refreshers events that engage LGBTQ+ students. Working with VPs Sports and Activities, I’d ensure students know what's going on - whether activities are run by SUSU directly, a club, or a society. 

Useful information for queer students is often hard to find, so I'd produce a central resource for both fresher and continuing queer students. Clear information like locations of campus’ gender-neutral bathrooms, how to change names and pronouns in University systems, and where to access support, would make a big difference. 

I hope you vote for me for LGBT+ Officer! 💜