Isabelle Asghar-Williams

Women Officer

Although mixed-race, a feminist and a politically aware student, my identity as a woman is what is important to me. It's shaped my experience, and has made me passionate about the political, legal and social issues that affect us as women. This is what made me passionate about coming to Uni and studying Sociology in the first place. We make up 53% of students at Southampton. Yet our voices are not loud enough, or more accurately, not heard enough. My role would be to advocate for, and listen to, the diverse wants and needs of women here - women of all abilities, identities, and from all social and ethnic backgrounds.

Crucial, if I'm elected, would be to create this space where we can come forth with any issues and feel heard. Whether these issues are about safety around campus, due to lectures timetabled after dark; about feeling heard and respected in lectures; having enough physical spaces to feel comfortable in; or any experience external to Uni that requires support. I’m creative and enjoy collaborating with and learning from others. If there is a need for women-only spaces or events for example, then I would happily advocate for this. Working with local charities as well as our own societies, such as ‘femsoc’ and LGBTQ+ society, would benefit.

I'm willing to get on board with campaigns and respond to topical issues. Recent revelations have revealed what we as women already know. A recent survey showed that only 3% of women aged 18 - 24 could definitively say that they'd never been sexually harassed. Universities have a social responsibility to tackle this. I plan to advocate for the addition of the role of an ISVA - an independent sexual violence advisor, to offer more specific support for any student who may need it. 

I would work on issues affecting women's empowerment, studying experiences and safety. And anything that women believe, affects us.