Ronnie Beal

Philosophy Department President

Hey I’m Ronnie and I’m a first year Philosophy Student who was part of SSLC as a rep this year.

I think I’d be a good Philosophy Department President because I have clear plans of how I’d make next year successful.

I’d like to offer a smooth transition back to teaching on campus to make sure every year group gets the best academic experience possible. For the incoming first years I’d like to offer a stronger introduction to academic life to make it clear where they can find everything they could need for a successful first year.

For the second years like myself I’d like to make sure there is support in place for the return to a precovid teaching style which we are still yet to experience while coordinating preparation for dissertations for both BA Philosophy and Joint Honours students.

I’d like to make sure this support is extended to third years during their dissertations to hopefully avoid the problems that arose this year during covid. Alongside this I’d like to make sure the third years have access to all available careers support the university has and stay in close contact with them to make sure they are all satisfied.

In regards to postgraduate students I want to try and unify the department and integrate them with the undergraduate students to bring together the department as we all hopefully start to interact with each other on campus next year.