Aya El-Khoury

Joint Honours Officer

As UoS’s Joint Honours Officer, I will ensure that, as part of two departments, you are well represented at University, well connected with peers, and looked after on an individual needs basis. As a Law with Psych student with experience as a Course Rep, I am a viable candidate for lobbying the University, and ensuring your needs are met.

As Officer, I will ensure that your issues are not neglected and brushed over. I will make sure that you receive suitable representation in your individual departments by liaising with Academic Reps on your course and ensuring your concerns are forwarded to your Course Leads through them.

Based on your feedback, I will also lobby the University for improvements on your courses where need be.

As JH students. it may sometimes be tedious to keep up with both departments and their events. As such, I will lobby for the creation of a Newsletter solely for JH students with all relevant information and events found in one place to ensure convenience as well as a sense of belonging and connection as JH students. Furthermore, I plan on organising events for JH students to become more familiar and connected with each other, creating an environment of students from different years in the same fields who can support and advise each other, as sometimes being a JH student can feel quite isolating or confusing in regards to belonging to a particular department. 

As your Officer, I will listen to all your concerns and feedback and make sure they are addressed and resolved, whether they be academic, social, or private if you are struggling at University. I will be a friendly, but dedicated connection between the University and other students to make sure you receive the best university experience possible.