Summer Festival - Active Bystander Training

15 Jun, -
Online Online
University of Southampton
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Summer Festival - Active Bystander Training

Have you ever witnessed or been on the receiving end of disrespectful behaviour and not known how to deal with it? Have you challenged inappropriate behaviour in the past and regretted it afterwards because of the response you received from the offender? Or are you just simply passionate about a positive workplace/studying culture and want to support constructive change?

Joining this 60-minute real time online workshop will empower you with both the tools and techniques to call out disrespectful behaviour in a respectful way.

It the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand the science behind why we sometimes hold back when in fact we want to speak up.

  • Be able to identify the implicit damaging behaviours that often go unchecked.

  • Have in their toolbox the Four D model – a decision making tool for tackling disrespectful behaviour.

  • Be introduced to communication techniques that evoke positive outcomes- it’s about communicating respectfully and assertively.

By booking onto this session, you will also receive an Active Bystander toolkit – a take-home booklet containing assertive verbal and non-verbal language techniques to use when mounting a challenge or reporting bad behaviour.

If you have any questions, or want a quick chat after the session, Lesley will be available.

“Thanks Lesley – really enjoyed that this morning! It really resonated, as often in those situations I feel immediately stunned and at a loss. The tools, and immediately thinking about the Ds, will be a great ‘go-to’. Even if it is a delayed action.” Flora (Student)

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