Roundnet Spikeball Taster Session

2 Oct, -
Team Southampton Sports Hall Team Southampton Sports Hall
Roundnet Spikeball

Roundnet Spikeball Taster Session

At this session, we will talk about the rules of Roundnet Spikeball and play a few games. To attend please fill out the relevant forms provided by SUSU. We will meet at the entrance of SUSU at 8:55 and walk to the Sports Halls as a group. Hope to see you there!

The Organisers

Roundnet Spikeball, one of the fastest-growing sports in America, is a strategic 360° ball game played by teams of two that is perfect for both competitive and casual players. If you are looking to join a new sport that you can advance quickly at then you are in the right place! With sessions three times a week, we aim for members to become proficient in Roundnet Spikeball so that they can play with friends or progress to tournaments if they want to give it a go. We also host socials every two weeks in varying locations with unique themes. On top of all of this membership is completely free. We are looking forward to meeting you and having some games, Stay Spikey!