SUHC tries Trail Running

3 Oct, -
Ashurst (New Forest) Railway Station Ashurst (New Forest) Railway Station
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SUHC tries Trail Running
Hello Hillwalkers!

Long have we wondered what would happen if you walked slightly too quickly, if you ventured into the realms of having both feet above the ground at the same time. Some said it was impossible, some said we were describing jumping. Others told us to go and find Noah. But no, we were thinking of running.


Running however sounds a bit like hard work. You can't talk when you're giving it your all trying to pace yourself around an onion ring shaped loop, and you can't enjoy the scenery if you're weaving in and out of buses on Glen Eyre hill. (Though if you like those we'd recommend sounding out Athletics Soc!)


What we've discovered is trail running - basically the freedom of running with the scenery that we love here at SUHC. And what we like best is that unlike the city, out in the countryside it's just walkers, and they're very impressed by anyone who dares to swap walking boots for trainers.


So - this Sunday we're going to try it out and see if it's any good, soak up some endorphins and see what all the fuss is about!


There'll be two groups, each leaving from Ashurst New Forest station: one at 13:50, which will be a intro group suitable for anyone who's completed a regular day walk before. This group will not go too far and will aim for a mix of walking and (slow) running through the woods for ~ one hour. This is a lovely area of forest which, so long as it isn't raining, is popular with leisure cyclists and families.

The second group will leave at 15:50 and will be a little longer, ~2 hours, and suited to strong walkers who think they could sustain a slow run. It's also most definitely open to more committed runners who like the idea!

For both groups you'll need to bring suitable clothing and footwear - lightweight, synthetic and many thin layers is the name of the game! Decathlon in the city centre is a great place to find some cheap starter gear. You'll also want some snacks and water, and if it's wet, a rainjacket and potentially a change of footwear. We'll have a car to store stuff in at the train station so don't worry about bringing too much.


You can get to Ashurst either by train or by the number 6 bus- the meeting time is just after the train arrives from Soton. We'll also let you know if there are any cars going from the campus area.

If you're interested, please press one of those nice buttons on FB or (for special insider information) send us an email at Hope to see you there!


Thomas (Expeditions Sec)

P.s. any questions, please ask! 

The Organisers

At SUHC we are dedicated to exploring the very best countryside, peaks, mountains and coastline the UK has to offer. We host weekly Saturday day walks throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas, in addition to whole-weekend away trips to different national parks and mountainous regions, and an array of socials during term time! See below for details of our activities and how you can get involved..