Rowlands Castle Day Walk with SUHC

26 Nov, -
Southampton Central Station Southampton Central Station
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Rowlands Castle Day Walk with SUHC

Hello Everyone!

This week we will be travelling to another of the Hillwalking club favourite locations, the South Downs. This is not only a great opportunity to put the hill back into hillwalking, but we will also have some great woodland and field walking. The walk will begin and end in Rowlands castle and we hope to draw out the best this national park has to offer with a 21km route across the great british countryside. As always there will be the opportunity to enjoy a warming drink in the pub afterwards should you wish.


- Travel Details - 

This week you need an off-peak day return ticket from Southampton central to Rowlands Castle. As usual you cna come down to the station before the train to find the committee (decked in their purple fleeces) and we will be happy to show you the ropes! We will be getting the 08:28 train to Havant where we will then change trains to get to Rowlands Castle for 09:22. Tickets cost £15.80 without the magic discount card (railcard) or £10.40 with one.

- Kit -

As the days get shorter and colder they also get muddier. So walking boots are a very strong recommendation, any pair of shoes you wear on walks need to be really sturdy, if they are not there is no guarantee they will survive the journey.

Do also note, there is no actual castle on this walk... it's just a place name, but the scenery should be beautiful!

 Required Kit 

  • Packed Lunch – there is nowhere to buy lunch on the way so you must bring it with you

  • At least 750ml of water – Hydration is life

  • A backpack to carry lunch and other items

 Other Useful Kit 

  • Walking Boots

  • A raincoat – #Don’tTrustTheMetOffice


See ya saturday!! 💃

Jack Rajack and Amy Kerrison 💜 (Daywalk Secretaries)

The Organisers

At SUHC we are dedicated to exploring the very best countryside, peaks, mountains and coastline the UK has to offer. We host weekly Saturday day walks throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas, in addition to whole-weekend away trips to different national parks and mountainous regions, and an array of socials during term time! See below for details of our activities and how you can get involved..