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Preparing and supplying food


Clubs and Societies are unable to prepare or distribute food to members or students of the University of Southampton. SUSU follow Food Safety guidelines implemented by Local Authority and the Food Standards Agency. As SUSU cannot regulate how you prepare, store and distribute food, we therefore are unable to allow Clubs or Societies to facilitate this. If your event requires food, please contact your relevant Co-ordinator to discuss how SUSU could support you with this.


The exception to this are Charity Bake sales. If you plan on holding a Charity Bake Sale please contact rag@susu.org to discuss your event in further detail. For those holding a Charity Bake Sale we require a committee member to hold a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.


We are unable to advise which Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate you should use for society events, but please see below links to the ones that are most commonly used by student groups, so you can see which bests suits you: