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How to Deal with an Incident

If an incident occurs, it is essential that you contact the duty manager (anytime 24/7) who will advise on how to follow the SUSU Incident Procedure, which can be found here. It is the responsibility of the student group’s Health and Safety Officer to ensure all members are familiar with it and know how to proceed (if your group does not have a dedicated Health and Safety Officer it is the President's responsibility).

What is an incident?

SUSU defines an incident as “Any occurrence which results in verbal or physical abuse, personnel injury, loss or damage of property, plant, equipment or vehicles, damage to reputation or any other nature of incident which should be reported within the organisation”.

An Incident has just happened – what should I do?

1) Make it safe – Call emergency services / Carry out first aid if necessary and only if qualified to do so

2) Tell the Duty Manager Immediately – 07775 732937, The Duty Manager will advise and assist as necessary

3) Gather all evidence and complete the incident form - If the Duty Manager is not present the incident report must be filled out immediately, it can be found on the SUSU website here.


For more information, please refer to the full SUSU Incident Procedure here.