How To Directory

Part of the Money Hub System for Student Groups


There are two different accounts views available for your group, via your unionsouthampton.org hub and these are detailed below


  1. Members of Money Hub

You can access your groups balance for all transactions online by visiting www.susu.org/groups/admin and then selecting the Finance options for the relevant group.  This will show the all transactions for your group (from the time you started managing your money with us) both ingoing and outgoing money.  This will show much as a bank statement would.


  1. Non-members of Money Hub

You have a more limited view as we do not hold your groups funds. The only information available are transactions between the Students' Union and your group.

This means you can view Invoices that have been raised against your group and whether they have been paid or not, as well as view the status of any payments to come from the Union to your group. (Funding, memberships via the Box Office etc.)