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How to Book a space or vehicle

Please see the page on SUSU's website advising of this here.

The Union Buildings have various spaces which can be used by students and student groups between 8am and 11pm (during term time). The Union can offer everything from bars to the cinema, meeting rooms and rehearsal space, and in order to ensure they are properly and fairly allocated, bookings need to be made in advance.

Room hire is free for student groups, although charges may be incurred for the hire of tech equipment or other services.

In the case of particularly complicated bookings or bookings for events (where the services of Union departments are required, such as technical facilities, catering or bars), staff may be in contact with groups once bookings have been received to agree details and to fill out an event booking form if required.

Block bookings

Block bookings are reoccurring weekly bookings for regular practice sessions. Owing to the nature of these bookings, requests must be made over the summer holiday for the academic year following, and space is then allocated for the entire year, according to this Procedure. Block bookings are requested via the online Groups Hub.

Where possible, groups are provided with the space they have requested. Where requests conflict, the Vice-President Sports Development and Vice-President Democracy and Creative Industries will attempt to work with the relevant student groups affected to see if compromises can be reached.

The Performing Arts Committee and Athletic Union Committee will be responsible for allocating timeslots in certain spaces. These timeslots and spaces will be confirmed by the Vice-Presidents before the Committees’ allocations are made.

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel block bookings. Where this arises the Union will endeavour to make the group aware two weeks before the booking. In exceptional circumstances, the Union reserves the right to cancel both one-off and block bookings with shorter notice.

Resolving clashes

In the event of a dispute arising or there being any conflict between bookings, staff will attempt to provide a solution that is acceptable to all parties. Where this cannot be achieved, a relevant Sabbatical Officer will make the decision.

Performing Arts Private Dance Sessions

A Private dance session will be classed as when an individual requests a booking slot in the Multi-Purpose Studio (MPS) for an individual, or small group of people who are not practising in conjunction with a dance society.

Group bookings will take priority over private dance bookings in the MPS where necessary.

If an individual requests to book over 5 hours of private dance sessions in 1 week, the VP DCI reserves the right to refuse these bookings, although it should be noted this right will only be enforced where the room is already in high demand from dance societies.

Individuals booking private dance sessions will only be approved as much as 1 week in advance.

University Spaces

As a student you can book space in university premesis at most campuses of the university.  For lecture and seminar rooms, you can find most of these via the University room bookings system, which can be found by logging into SUSSED. You will need to follow any relevant process the same as using a Union or external premesis.

The University also has spaces that it uses to host events, (e.g. Garden Court in Building 40).  These often require greater consideration when booking, as there can be a cost involved with using these spaces and you should keep this in mind. You can find more information by visiting this page