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Adding/changing committee members and positions

Please note that committee positions can only be added by those who are currently on the committee, if the previous committee have not added the new committee members following the AGM, please contact your relevant co-ordinator.

  • Head to your Club/Society Admin page
  • Under the ‘Administration’ section select Manage Committee Members
  • Select the position which you wish to select e.g. Secretary
  • Select the Committee Year e.g. 2019-20
  • In the held the ‘Held by’ section type the person’s name or user name. As there maybe one or student with the same name, please ensure you select the right person
  • If you are unable to find the person you want to add to the committee, please contact your relevant co-ordinator for further support
  • If your committee has created a new position on the committee, this role can be added by selecting the ‘Create Position’ tab. From here you can select the ‘Title’ of the role and a brief description of what the role entails. Once this role has been created simply select ‘Add Position’ and follow the above steps to select the appropriate person.

Below are two walkthrough videos that demonstrate how to do this.

Adding/changing committee positions

Adding committee members