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How to edit your SUSU Page


All society pages can be seen here and clubs here

Making sure that your SUSU page has up to date information is key to attracting new members – even if it’s just linking your social media.

If you look at the left hand side under the Administration tab the top three options ‘Edit Settings’, ‘Change Logo’ and ‘Update Page’ allow you to change what is shown publicly.



Adding Links to your Social Media


Within the section ‘edit settings’ you can add links to Facebook and Twitter for the society.

Once a valid URL has been added for your society social media pages, this will then show up in the publicly available on the society/club pages and will allow any student or member of the public to click through to your Facebook and Twitter pages – so make sure they’re up to date and include all relevant imagery and society details.

You can also add a contact email. This is really useful for general enquiries and allows without access with social media to get in touch. (Do not use an individual/personal email that is not retained by the society as this often results in important emails going to alumni who no longer check their accounts!).



Under ‘change logo’ you are able to upload the image that will appear on your page. If you update or change your logo you can upload it here to change it – make sure to use a square image as this displays best. Only a society logo and not a photo -it looks better and saves anyone’s picture being used when they don’t want it or any copyright issues.


About Your Group

On ‘edit settings’ there is an ’about’ section where you can give details on what your club/society does – your group name on it’s own doesn’t usually tell people enough about you, so make sure to include at least what you do, when/where you meet and how they find out more.

On ‘Update page’ you can also include further information and add any relevant pictures/media.