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How to Elect a Health and Safety Officer to your Committee

To ensure that student groups are fully aware and responsible for the safety of their members, each student group must have an officer with the designated responsibility for health and safety matters. This may be a separate role or it can be included into an already existing role. SUSU must be informed of the details of the officer.

Unless otherwise stated by the group, the student group president will be deemed to be fulfilling this responsibility.


The duties of the Health and Safety Officer will include:

  • Responsibility for creating a Health and Safety policy for the student group
  • Completing a generic risk assessment for the student group as well as any additional risk assessments for particular events.
  • Ensuring the student group is aware of and adheres to the Union Incident procedure.
  • Ensuring the student group follows food hygiene guidelines when preparing food
  • Awareness of manual handling procedures.

To help you along with this, the Students' Union will provide Health and Safety training at the beginning of each academic year, which the health and safety representative will be required to attend. This will ensure that you have all the resources and knowledge required for the role. In the meantime, you will find all the information you need on these pages.