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How to Use Media in your Club or Society

Media offers all student groups with a highly effective method of marketing themselves and their events. You don’t have to be an absolute pro to use them, just check out our guide to some of the best platforms and channels below. If you need any more advice on how to use them, just pop into our Operations department located on level 2 of Building 40 (above the Stags Head) or email activities@susu.org.


Creating your artwork is sometimes the best place to start, as it will help the transition from concept to implementation. Once this has been created it can be tweaked and changed so it will fit in as a poster, on Facebook, as a leaflet etc. As a rule, try to create the first piece of artwork as an A4 poster, then once your team are happy with the design, tweak the elements to fit in to other channels.

Poster sites

There are a range of poster sites available to you around the Students' Union. Again it is important to consider your target audience when choosing these sites. Are these sites going to be in high footfall areas where your target audience will be? Along with audience, budget should also be taken in to account, as larger sites will cost more to print. 

Please note that all posters put up around the Union will need to be stamped by the Union. This can be done in the Student Activities Office, located on level 2 of building 42 (in the Sabbatical Office).

SUSU Screens

If your group is on the red, yellow or blue support package, you can advertise your student group or event on the screens in SUSU buildings free of charge. We can play your static image or video (without sound) for your chosen duration. Email activities@susu.org for more information.

Facebook- Cost free

One of the most powerful online tools available to you is Facebook. It is also very cost effective - Free in most instances for event page information, groups, fan pages etc. These are vital to build an online fan base, but also serve as a hub of information to send people to. Websites are expensive and costly to set up, so make sure you direct people to your Facebook wherever possible. You must consider your tone of voice, the frequency of your messages, and how to attract your audience.

Facebook- Cost

Facebook advertising is also an effective way to reach an audience. You can be very specific with it, but it can get relatively complicated, depending on how much online advertising you have done before. You can promote posts, create display adverts and even more than that. As a rule, CPC (cost per click) advertising is much better than CPM (Cost per Mille, or Thousand Impressions) as you only pay for people who have clicked on your advert. Theoretically, if your advert has been marketed correctly, you should only have people clicking your advert who will be genuinely interested.


Unlike Facebook it is much more appropriate to have a higher frequency of messages on Twitter. It is more of a constant conversation forum, so the more messages the better (within reason!). Hootsuite is an excellent platform to use for Twitter, as it allows you to schedule tweets, and analyse the success of your tweets. Always use the Hootsuite link shrink as this will allow you to assess your tweets. Use images and links wherever possible to engage your audience, as well as your hashtag whenever appropriate.


Leaflets are a great way to create buzz and awareness around your campaign. They should be very concise and clear. Essentially they are a condensed poster that someone can take a lot of info from. It works well to use the leaflet as a voucher, so the audience has to retain the information, therefore creating a higher dwell time on the messaging. You should also think about how you’re going to distribute your leaflets, whether that’s ensuring that you’re giving plenty of time before an event or thinking creatively about where and how you’re going to hand them to your audience.


Websites can be time consuming to produce, however if you have the resources/ time to produce one, this can be hosted on the main SUSU website with its own link. If this is something you would like further information on, please contact activities@susu.org.

Events can be advertised on the calendar on the susu.org homepage. This can be done via your groups admin page or alternatively you can email activities@susu.org.

There are also available slots to advertise on the main SUSU website. This is a great area to develop a message as it gets a high number of impressions each month from a large student audience. Contact the Operations team to discuss the options available for you.

Student publications

Student publications offer a great way to drive awareness. The Union has two official publications, The Wessex Scene and The Edge, who offer multiple options including print and online advertising. Check with the publications for more information on cost and what options are available to you. They can be contacted on editor@wessexscene.co.uk and editor@theedgesusu.co.uk.


Surge Radio has advertising slots running each day, and with many of the shows being broadcast in high footfall areas, such as out on the redbrick, it serves as a great way to verbally inform your audience. Visit http://www.surgeradio.co.uk/involve for information about how you can involve your marketing in their schedule.


SUSU TV have a wide range of services and technical equipment to use, and can help with producing video content for your student group. This can take the form of event highlights, sporting coverage, membership videos etc. for information on how you can work with SUSU TV, contact stationmanager@susu.tv.

Union Films

Union Films can run your advert as a still screen image or trailer during their cinema nights. Trailers can be screened at a cost of £10.00 for one film, or £25.00 for three films (equal to one week’s worth of films). Still screen images can be displayed for £5.00 for one film or £10.00 for three films. For more information, please email uf@soton.ac.uk.

Brand Guidelines

If you are using any SUSU branding in any of your marketing, it is important that you follow our branding guidelines. Please speak to our Operations team for more information, or email activities@susu.org

Media Code of Conduct

How to make the most out of media and marketing\SUSU Media Code of Conduct.pdf