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Using Money Hub


Money Hub was set up as a result of requests from students for SUSU to help manage their finances and to aid in the handover of Committee details, in order to avoid situations where bank details got lost and money became inaccessible.  

While SUSU is not a ‘bank’, we can offer some support for groups in terms of holding their money and ensuring that there is minimal confusion during handover at what is a crucial time for our clubs/societies. 

For more information on how to access this support please email  


How to become a Finance Signatory 

We expect every group to have three authorised signatories on their accounts in order to access their accounts.  We recommend that the following positions are made signatories: 

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President/Secretary

From Autumn 2020, the signatory process will be electronic, using Groups Hub to set up the signatories. This can be found under your society admin settings:   


How to View Your Balance 

You can access your club/society’s balance for all transactions online by visiting your Groups Hub ( and then selecting ‘View your Money Hub statement here’ under the Finance options for the relevant group. This will show all the transactions for your club/society (from the time you started managing your money with us), both ingoing and outgoing money. This will show as much as a bank statement would. 


Paying a supplier 

  • This is all done through your Groups Hubs page by selecting the expenditure claim form button
  • Invoices and expenses can be processed through here and signatories can log on to upload- two other committee members can log on and approve.

Please note that BACS payments are only made twice a month, on the 15th and final working day. 



Update on cash transactions - October 2021

We are unable to handle cash and we do not have finance staff working on site at this time. Unfortunately this means for the foreseeable future the cash machine will not be in operation. Please avoid cash transactions at this time and contact if you need any help.