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Part of the Money Hub System for Student Groups


This form should be used to claim money or to pay invoices.

https://www.susu.org/uploads/groupadmin/How To - Complete Expenditure Claim Form.xls

 This is usually a far safer and reliable way of conducting business than in cash.


Below you can find a brief guide of how to complete this form.


Once completed you can hand these forms into Activities Office (level 2, building 42)


  1. Enter the date on the invoice or date the expenditure was made if it’s a receipt


  1. Supplier that needs to be paid (Name/Company on the invoice)


  1. Brief description of expenditure

This will appear on your statement and should be kept short, but descriptive.


  1. Group cost centre

You will have received this when your group joined the money management scheme and it will be three digits


  1. Detail codes highlighted in pink


  1. Total of invoice or amount spent

Your group is unlikely to be tax-exempt this means you should include all relevant taxes in your total


  1. How the payment is to be made – either select Cheque or BACS

BACS = Bank Transfer (this is a faster method of paying and we recommend this unless a cheque is specifically required)  Please note that BACS payments are only made twice a month, on 15th and final working day.


  1. Who the payment is to be made to (Name/Company on the invoice)


  1. Signature of Committee Member 1 and the date it is signed (this must be a named signatory)


  1. Signature of Committee Member 2 and the date it is signed (this must be a named signatory)