What is ‘Special Considerations’? It’s a policy you can apply for if you believe you have been affected by unexpected circumstances outside of your control that have or will have negative impact on your studies and assessment.

It also can be used for requesting an extension when your ability to meet a deadline for submission of an assessment is affected. The University will require you to provide evidence for the extenuating, unexpected circumstances. This can vary from letter from a doctor, hospital, police report letter from Support Services etc.

Special Considerations and Extension Deadlines


Consider if your performance has or will be affected by exceptional circumstances outside of your control


Submit the form and send it with evidence to the Assessment Team in your Faculty


The Assessment Team will compile the cases and send them to the Special Considerations Board for consideration (Deadline Extension Requests may be sent to individual board members to make a decision)


SCBs decide on an outcome as set down in the Special Considerations Guidance and make a recommendation to the Board of Examiners


  • Get your request in on time. (Normally no more than 5 days after deadline or submission date unless otherwise advised in writing)
  • Submit evidence to support your request. If it is unavailable at the time you submit your form let the Assessment Team know what it is, why it’s delayed and when it will be available
  • Submit a request if your performance was affected, even if you think you probably did enough to pass

Where do I find information about Special Considerations and extensions?

The University has a policy and procedure for Special Considerations and Deadline Extensions, which you can find here.

How do I apply for Special Considerations and/or extensions?

You will need to complete a relevant form and submit it to your faculty student office. You will have to attach all relevant evidence with the form and submit it at the same time.

What recommendations can the Special Considerations Board make?

Special Considerations Board, can make one of the following recommendations based on your application and evidence:

  • Waive late submission penalties.
  • Disregard a first attempt, referral or repeat and allow an additional attempt (at the same or equivalent assessment), in accordance with the relevant Progression regulations following this disregard.
  • Recommend a different form of re-assessment, as determined by the module lead, if the same or equivalent is no longer possible, to assess whether the learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Remove the capping of marks in a referral or repeat.
  • Allow a student to retain the right of referral during a repeat.
  • Disregard marks for specific module(s), in computing the aggregate mark or classification.
  • Disregard an element of a module assessment and re-compute module mark based on completed components.
  • That a special consideration request be considered by a future Board of Examiners for the purpose of a degree classification. i.e. in the final year it may be possible to revisit performance in earlier years where there was special considerations that may or may not have had an impact on the degree classification.
  • No further action.

It is important to mention that the decision will be made based on your evidence and with reference to your overall marks profile.

When will I find out about Special Considerations or Extension decision?

With regards to extension, it is possible for only 1 member of the Special Considerations Board to make recommendation, to ensure you know in time before the original deadline what your new deadline is.

As to the Special Considerations, you will be notified of the decision and/recommendation(s) of the Special Considerations Board and the reasons normally within 10 working days of the meeting.

Further guidance

For further guidance on the Special Considerations regulations, contact the Advice Centre.

You can also visit us in Building 40, Highfield campus. Our opening hours are Monday–Friday 09.00–17.00