The University of Southampton offers financial help when you are in genuine hardship. This is available from the Financial Information and Assistance department (FIA) in the Student Services Centres (SSC).

Hardship Support

The hardship support is designed for those who have received all their statutory funding but still find themselves facing financial hardship. It is not designed to replace parental contributions or for mismanaged money. You will also need to prove that you have made realistic financial provisions to attend University. If you find yourself in hardship due to problems budgeting, you should speak to the advice centre who can offer help with budgeting and money management tips.

In order to apply you will need to book a ten minute appointment with an adviser at FIA. You will go through some preliminary questions regarding your application and if it is felt that you would benefit from hardship support, an email will be sent to you with the application form.

You will then need to complete the form and submit the relevant forms of evidence within 10 working days of receiving the email. Evidence you will need to provide will include tenancy agreement, 3 months of most recent back statements highlighting any debits or credits of £100 or more, Student Finance or NHS entitlement along with any benefit entitlements and a copy of your ID card. Further evidence may be required based on your individual circumstances but these will be detailed in the form.

Your case will then be reviewed by FIA and a decision will be made as to your entitlement. Students can receive a maximum of £3,500.00 per academic year.

Further information on hardship support can be found here.