If you fail some of the components on your course, you may be required to repeat some or all of your year and this can have implications onyour funding and will depend on:
  • If you repeat as an internal or external student
  • The number of years you have received higher education funding to date

Repeating a year as an internal student

If you enrol at the University to repeat a whole year you will be charged at current £9,000 fees (£3465 if you started your course before 1st September 2012).

As a student enrolled on a full time course you may be eligible for the full funding package as if it were any standard year. However, this depends on your previous study. The general rule of funding is that you are entitled to your course duration plus 1 year. If you have previously had periods of suspension or other retake years you may not be eligible for further funding, although an income assessed maintenance (tuition fee) loan will be paid as long as you do not have a degree.

Repeating the year as an external student

As an external student, (not enrolled at the University), you will not be charged tuition fees, however you will also not be eligible to apply for maintenance support throughout the year. It is important to make sure that you will be able to financially support yourself during this period. You will also be liable to pay Council Tax as you will not be considered a student for that time. If part of your retake involves exams, you could also be charged for these.

Repeating a semester as an internal student

If you are only required to repeat part of the year, your tuition fees will be adjusted to reflect this.

If you are attending the course as a full time student, you may still be eligible for the full funding package (subject to meeting other eligibility requirements) for the period at which you are enrolled at the University. Again, this depends on your previous study and you will only be entitled to funding for living costs for the time you are in attendance at University.

Exam Fees

  • £20 per exam up to £100 within one academic year
  • Off-campus repeat: £415

No fee will be due if you are repeating an exam for the first time unless you are repeating off-campus.

Compelling personal reasons (CPR)

Generally you are entitled to have your course funded by Student Finance for its normal duration plus one year. If you have used all of you statutory funding but have not been able to complete your course due to reasons beyond your control, you may be eligible to apply for CPR and have an additional year of funding released (or more if necessary).

Compelling personal reasons could include ill health, bereavement, caring responsibilities or essentially anything which has severely impacted on your ability to focus solely on your studies.

If you feel that this applies to you, it is advised that you make an appointment to speak to one of the advisers at the Advice Centre.