You are advised to speak to an adviser if you are planning on leaving your course as it can have major implications on your future funding. The following information aims to provide you with an overview of how you may be affected.

What’s the difference between suspending and withdrawing?

If you suspend from your studies you’re taking time out and will return at a later date, usually the next academic year.

You are still considered a student in most instances however, student funding is not usually available. There are exceptions to this if you are suspending on medical grounds.

If you withdraw, you are leaving the University and your course altogether with no intention of returning at a later date. You are no longer considered a student and student finance will not be available to you. If you wish to attend a different institution, you will need to begin the admissions process from scratch.

Tuition Fees

If you commenced your course after September 2012, tuition fees are paid in three instalments directly to the University.

  • Term 1 = 25%
  • Term 2 = 25%
  • Term 3 = 50%

If you withdraw or suspend at any time during any term, you will be liable for that term's fees but this will still be covered by Student Finance.

Maintenance Loan

If you withdraw from your course, the Student Loans Company will contact you regarding any overpayment of loan accrued from the date you left the University.

If you suspend, student finance will claim back any overpayments of student loan from subsequent instalments of your loan, unless you have repaid the total amount in the meantime.

Maintenance grant

If you withdraw or suspend, Student Finance are entitled to claim back maintenance grant overpayments immediately. If you are suspending for medical reasons, Student Finance can continue to pay your maintenance allowances for a period of 60 days. If living without your maintenance allowances will leave you in severe hardship, you can apply to Student Finance for discretionary payments but these are by no means guaranteed and Student Finance assess each case individually.

Future funding

As a rule you are entitled to have the duration of your course funded plus 1 year (gift year). This means that if for any reason you need to suspend or retake a year, you can still have the remainder of your course funded. You are advised to seek assistance from the Advice Centre should you need further funding beyond this.

International students

If you are an international student leaving your course will have implications on your Visa. It is very important that you understand the conditions of your Visa and how it will be affected if you suspend or withdraw. You can also contact

Entitlement Card

If you are in receipt of the entitlement card, you can continue to use whatever balance you have remaining. Anything left over will be transferred to the following academic year.

UoS Bursary

The University of Southampton will not attempt to claim back bursary instalments that have been paid. However, any future payments will be stopped.

Hardship Support

If you have received support in terms of hardship and then subsequently leave the University, you will not be required to pay this back.