Want to live in a Happy House? Here are some top tips


Problems with housemates or falling out are one of the single biggest source of housing enquires to The Advice Centre. To help avoid potential housemate problems, we advise the following:

  • Take time to get to know the people you’re about to enter a binding legal contract with
  • Do your lifestyles clash? Do your personalities align? Are they too messy? You can’t live with everyone: you may have friends from halls, from your course and from all over the place. It’s difficult choosing but be realistic, who will it be easier to live with for a whole year?
  • Before you decide to live together, socialise a few times as a group. See what your future housemates are like in different social situations. Are they talkative with you? Do they respond well to challenging situations?
  • Smaller groups of housemates (3-4) allow for better communication, as well as fewer cliques and fewer visitors.
  • Think before living with people with whom you have intimate relationship. A year is a long time, and you can’t guarantee you will stay in relationships for the length of your contract. Living with an ex is probably a situation you’d prefer to avoid…

If the stress of looking for a house is causing problems in the group, what will it be like living together? As long as you haven’t signed a contract, it’s not too late to change housemates. Don’t be afraid of speaking out now, rather than suffer later.

Being Neighbours

Being a good neighbour is not only virtuous it also can be of benefit for you – who is going to keep an eye on your house when you go home for the Christmas holidays?

As well as studying at University you are also part of a wider community; a street, a neighbourhood and an entire city. To be a part of that community:

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours
  • Remind yourself of your contractual obligations regarding noise and any shared areas (most Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements will have a clauses)
  • Find out when the bins are collected
  • If you are suffering from noisy neighbours take appropriate action by contacting Environmental Health