Name of Committee Annual General Meeting
Date and time 14th May 2014, 12:00
Place The Bridge
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Annual General Meeting
1. Welcome and apologies for absence
2. Appointment of Deputy Chair and tellers
P 3. Minutes of the previous AGM

P 4. Annual reports

1. Receipt of Annual Accounts and Report of the Trustees for the year ending 31st July 2013, and approval of affiliations 2012-13

2. Receipt of the Annual Review

5. Appointment of auditors

6. Election of Chair of Council and Hustings

Voting is now open at if you have registered for a proxy vote or are attending the AGM in person

Only members who register for a proxy vote or attend the AGM can vote for the Chair. Voting for the Chair will close at 15/05/2014 12:00

Open Council
P 7. Minutes of the previous meeting

8. Matters arising
  1. Facility Charges – David Mendoza-Wolfson
  2. AU Clubs and Societies Granting  Budget – David Gilani
  3. Improvements in food provision – Beckie Thomas
  4. Renovate the Activities Room – Claire Gilbert
  5. Leadership and Representation – Oli Coles
  6. We The People A Voice in Your SUSU – Oli Coles
  7. Union Council and Committee Zones – David Mendoza-Wolfson
  8. Staff-Student Partnership Agreement – David Gilani
P 9. Policy proposals

1. Stop charging for debit card use in SUSU outlets (1314P14) – Emily Hughes

2. New seats for the Cube (1314P15) – Sophie Isherwood, Jade Head

3. Delivering for our Student Groups with a Bank of SUSU (1314P16) – Marcus Burton, Megan Downing 
4. Preventing censorship in SUSU (1314P17) – Jade Head, Henry Pearson 

5. Reforming the EVAs (1314P18) – Gabriela Discenza, Jade Head 
6. Sabbatical term limits (1314P19) – Gabriela Discenza, Will Cable 

  • Amendment E (Marcus Burton)
  • Amendment F (Gabriela Di Scenza) (This amendment has been withdrawn and will not be voted on)

7. Creation of a platform to permit direct questions to Sabbatical candidates in elections (1314P20) – Giles Howard, David Gilani
8. Improving Trans Inclusion (1314P21) – Tom Gleeson, Beckie Thomas
9. Industrial Action by University Staff (1314P22) – David Mendoza-Wolfson, Sophia D'Angelico
10. Sabbaticals on Satellite Campuses (1314P23)– Oli Coles, Beckie Thomas 
11. Commitment to elections (1314P24)– Claire Gilbert, David Gilani
12. Sport for All (1314P25) – Evan Whyte, Adam Proudley 
13. Ethics and Environment Policy (1314P26) – Beckie Thomas, David Gilani
14. Swimming session for women only (1314P27) – Khairiah Turahim, Sarah ‘Afifah Abdullah Sani 

15. Emergency Policy - Improved Leadership and Representation Policy (1314P28)

10. Any other business

Please notify all matters of AOB to the Chair before the start of the meeting.

11. Close of meeting

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)