To book a room at the Students' Union please use our Room Bookings system here

Our spaces are grouped into 4 different categories; Commercial Spaces, Bars, Meeting Rooms and Multi-Purpose Spaces. All of our spaces are flexible and can cater for a wide range of events depending on your specific needs.

Making a Booking

Bookings are firstly taken through our website at The bookings system and facilities team can advise on the space availability and will assign the booking slot. For bigger events, and ones with specific requirements, our Entertainments Manager will get in touch, usually within five working days of the initial booking to discuss it further with you. The Entertainments Manager will offer advice and assistance in planning throughout the entire process to realise your vision.To make a booking please complete the Events Booking Form and email it to


Our bars areas offer a fantastic variety of spaces available for events, parties, workshops, receptions and more. These spaces are very popular so we'll endeavour to advise and recommend available spaces suited to your booking request.

  • Bar 2 - This area is one of the most versatile and popular spaces available within the Students' Union, located in building 42 on level 2 this area is a favourite to host large presentations, buffets and champagne receptions, course poster board displays and even live music. The space can be set up in a number of styles, includes a dance floor and an outdoor patio area included in every booking.
  • Bar 3 - Another extremely versatile space, Bar 3 has previously been used for Red Carpet film receptions, Graduation Photo studio and club / society social evenings
  • The Bridge - Our flagship venue for events in the Students' Union and also one of the busiest; operating as a high quality restaurant during the day and hosting a whole series of events in the evening.
  • The Stags - One of our most popular venues, the Stags is unfortunately unavailable for bookings in order to keep it open for use by the student population in general. It hosts a series of regular events open to all which can be viewed on the Students' Union website calendar.

Commercial Spaces

These spaces are great for setting up stalls, promoting upcoming events or groups or setting up displays for awareness events. These areas are also commonly used for charity fund raising.

  • Concourse - The open indoor area in front of the main Students' Union Reception, it can hold multiple events at one time. It has been split into two sections, each of which can be booked independently if needed.
  • Red Brick - Named for its distinctive floor, this is the open outdoors space located between Buildings 40, 42 and 57 (The Shop) it's another area which not only has a great level of exposure to passers-by but is big enough to hold multiple events at once. For this reason the Red Brick are is split into three spaces which can be booked individually or together as part of a larger event.

Meeting Rooms

These spaces are perfect for hosting meetings and smaller workshops. Each comes pre-equipped with presentation facilities and are available with catering if needed.

  • Meeting Room 1 - Located on Level 1 of Building 42 this space holds up to 15 people conference style and up to 20 people in a theatre layout. The room comes equipped with a TV screen and a computer which can be signed into with any standard university login.
  • Meeting Room 2 - This space is our most commonly used meeting room. Larger than the others this room can host up to 30 people at one time in a conference layout and up to 50 people in a theatre layout. It also comes equipped with a 65" TV and computer.
  • Meeting Room 4 - Located in Building 42 on Level 2 this is an excellent space for small meetings overlooking our outdoor patio. The room can host meetings for up to 10 people and comes equipped with a 42" TV and computer.
  • Meeting Room 6 - Located in Building 40 on Level 2, overlooking the grassy area opposite the library, this is an excellent space for small meetings. The room can host meetings for up to 10 people and comes equipped with a 42" TV and computer.
  • Meeting Room 7 - Located in Building 40 on Level 2, overlooking the grassy area opposite the library, this is an excellent space for small meetings. The room can host meetings for up to 10 people and comes equipped with a 42" TV and computer.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Our multi-purpose spaces comprise some of our most popular and heavily utilised rooms; these spaces can be used for a wide range of activities and are heavily favoured by clubs and societies.

  • Activities Room - One of the most utilised rooms in SUSU, it has a high grip sports floor and large wall mounted mirrors. It is extremely popular with martial arts and dance groups, but is also regularly used for circuit training and individual practice sessions.
  • The Plant Pot - A large seating area located on Level 3 of Building 42. Due to its size it is favoured by some of our larger musical groups for their practices, and various departments within SUSU and the University for presentations. During the day the Plant Potoperates a seating area for one of our catering venues so is only available to book Monday - Saturday after 17:00, and all-day on Sunday.
  • Clubs and Societies Room - Located on Level 2 of Building 42, this is an open room that's ideal for workshops and presentations. It houses a store of portable furniture for groups to use as needed.
  • The Cube / Cinema - The largest space we are able to offer. In its default layout it is a large open space whcih we are able to tailor for specific events depending on your requirements, ranging from conferences to club nights to a dance studio. Alternately we are able to utilise a large scale seating mechanism to turn the Cube into a 256 person capacity fully functioning cinema / lecture theatre.
  • Multi-Purpose Studio - This space is utilised almost solely for dance oriented practices. With a large series of wall mounted mirrors and a sprung floor it is extremely popular amongst performing arts groups and individuals looking for a space to practice.