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On Wednesday 29 November 2017, the Union will be holding a Making Change Summit (+AGM). As part of this event our students will be asked to vote on a number of topics that affect the way our Union is run and the campaigns that we focus on over the following year.

This event will be held in Building 42, Highfield Campus throughout the day. You can read the formal notice for this meeting here. The reports that will be voted on as part of the AGM will be published within 5 clear working days of the meeting.

In Bar 2 (Level 2, Building 42) our Full-Time Officers will each lead a debates on key topic. They will be held in one hour slots throughout the day. More details on each topic and the times they will take place can be found below:

How can we hold the Union to account?

Time: 10:00 to 11:00

Union Senate is a group of elected students who meet each term to review the actions of the Union and its sabbatical team to ensure that we are meeting our promise to our students. As Union Senate is still only a year old, we would like your input on how we can improve accountability and transparency at the Union.

How can the Union improve study spaces on campus?

Time: 11:00 to 12:00

With a large amount of building work planned for the University of Southampton over the coming years, it is only right that students should be inspiring, directing and creating the plans for the environment which they will be studying in. This debate - led by the Union’s Education Zone - is part of a much larger initiative by the Zone to involve students in this consultation process, creating suitable spaces both within the Union and across the University.

How should the Union represent International Students?

Time: 12:00 to 13:00

The University of Southampton is home to students from a wide range of international backgrounds. Because of this, I would like to revaluate our offer to them in how the Union represents them, so that their specific needs are being met, and they feel like they have a voice within the Students' Union.

Should the Union ban plastic straws?

Time: 13:00 to 14:00

At the Union’s AGM at the end of last year we were mandated to reduce single use plastic at the Union and as part of this we are reviewing the use of plastic in our outlets. Ranked in the top 10 for marine debris, plastic straws have a large environmental impact and so we would like to know whether our students would support of ban of plastic straws on campus.

How should the Union represent and support students in Halls?

Time: 14:00-15:00

We would like to introduce a core offer of events, socials and support for our students living in halls accommodation. This is to ensure that you are all given the best start to your University life and to ensure that all students receive the same benefits to halls living.

What is the future for Sports within the Union?

Time: 15:00 – 16:00

We would like to make some structural changes to the Sports Experience board by bringing together facilities and Sport and Wellbeing. We hope that this will help bring coherence and ensure that sports bookings are run more smoothly. However, we need your input to help direct how the structure will look to retain student representation.

Register for a proxy vote for the AGM, and to vote online on all the topics.

Your attendance and contribution at these debates will help to directly shape the work that is done over this next year by our team of elected officers. We invite you to come and go throughout the day on Wednesday 29th November 2017 to enjoy the stalls and activities on the Redbrick and Concourse as well as to join us in our debates to share your ideas.

At the end of the day, we will all be meeting on the Concourse to share the progress we have made and our plans for the future!

If you are not able to attend on the day, you can register to vote by proxy. Voting will be open from Wednesday 22 November at 12:00 until the close of the meeting on Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 17:00

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I attend in person if I have already voted online?

Yes, you can vote online and attend the debates on the day. You will not need to vote again in person as all the votes cast on the day and on the website will be collated for the final tally.

I’m not able to attend one or all of the debates on Wednesday 29 November, how can I still be involved and submit my ideas to the Students' Union?

We value your feedback on everything we do here at the Union and would love for you to still be involved even if you can’t make it in person to the Making Change Summit. On this page you will find a comment box under each debate topic. You can use these boxes to submit as many suggestions, thoughts or ideas as you would like. They will also be collated and presented to the zones to influence their plans for this year.

Why haven’t I heard of the Making Change Summit before?

Every year the Students' Union must hold an Annual General Meeting as a legal requirement. More details on this can be found under ‘What is an AGM and why is it important?’. In previous years, this meeting has gone by different names and has typically been held in May. To make it easier for everyone to get involved in campaigns and projects that are happening right now, we have moved the AGM to November and have renamed it to reflect the true purpose of the day which is to consult with and involve our students in the work we do.

What is an AGM and why is it important?

The AGM stands for Annual General Meeting and it is a meeting of the general membership of an organisation or group. The legal requirements of the AGM at the Students' Union is for our students to receive and approve the Annual Reports which include the accounts for the year 2016/17, the Appointment of the Auditors and the Political Expenditure of the Union next year.

All our student-led clubs and societies will hold an Annual General Meeting at the end of each academic year to elect the new committee members. Like these society AGMs, the Making Change Summit (+AGM) it is an important opportunity for stakeholders of an organisation to meet and feedback its performance and future plans.

Where can I vote in person?

In Building 42, you will find i-pads on the concourse by the entrance. You can log in to these on your way to or from a debate or if you have five minutes during lunch. It will only take a minute to vote on the accounts and resolutions.