On Tuesday 17 April, join us for our second Making Change Summit of the year, taking place on the Concourse (Building 42, Highfield) from 11:00 – 15:00.

Why should I attend?

Attending the Making Change Summit is an opportunity to directly shape the work we do. We are run for students, by students, and your input is essential to determine what we should be focusing on.

Come along throughout the day to join in the five key debates of the day, and share any ideas you have on the pin boards.

What are we going to change?

We will be running five key debates. After each debate, you will be able to vote on what actions we should take using a live polling system. The key topics for discussion are:

11:00 - What’s the point of Sabbatical Officers?

Each year, we run the Spring Elections where we elect the seven Sabbatical Officers who will represent all students at the University of Southampton (paid roles starting in July for a year). Working closely with the University, the Sabbatical Officers ensure that your experience is the best it can be, academically and socially, and promote and support your successes.

But what do the Sabbatical Officers mean to you? How would you like their roles to be shaped in the future?

11:30 - Is the Union too white? - Postponed

We have a very diverse membership, including 5,000 international students, but this does not necessarily match our volunteering community (Student Leaders, Academic Reps, Senators, etc.).

How can we increase diversity amongst our volunteers? How can we better portray the student diversity in our representation system?

12:00 - Is funding societies a waste of time and money?

We have 345 student-led clubs and societies, which makes us one of the largest Students’ Unions in the country. Each year, we have three rounds of grant applications and a limited budget to give out which often falls short of what is expected. Sometimes, we may only be able to give out £1 for every £5 asked for.

Is there a better way for us to support our Clubs and Societies? Should we review our affiliation criteria so that our clubs and societies are run for the greatest number of students on campus?

12:30 - Is it sustainable to offer free printing?

One of our biggest projects this year has been to lobby the University on printing costs. We are aware that there is great disparity across faculties in the amount students need to spend. For some, it can mean large sums being spent on printing each term.

Shall we be looking at offering free printing? Or would this go against our aims of protecting the environment and becoming more sustainable?

13:00 - Do initiations have a place at University?

It happens that groups ask a potential new member to perform certain tasks in order to be fully accepted. Sometimes this can mean being asked to do things you are not comfortable with and can also involve a lot of alcohol.

What actions or measures should we take about initiations?

Join us for each of the debates or the ones you care most about and tell us how we should move forward with these topics. Following those discussions, we will be developing and implementing actions plans to make the changes you want to see.

At the end of the day, we will be holding our next Union Senate meeting from 18:15 where we will report on the decisions that have been made. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask your elected representatives questions about the Union’s work so far this year.

You can view some frequently asked questions about the Change Summit here