Democracy Zone (16th November 2016)


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Name of Committee Democracy Zone
Date and time 16th November 2016, 14:00
Place The Board Room
Clubs and Societies Officer Michael Sims
Union President Alex Hovden
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Cameron Meldrum
Vice President Sports Tom Provan
Vice President Welfare David Allwright
Democracy Zone Open Place Emily Harrison
Chair of Senate Ben Franklin
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Democracy Co-ordinator Thomas Webber
Democracy Coordinator Katharine Rose
Chief Executive Scott Mccarthy
Director of Engagement Nickola Moore
Invited Christopher Small
Frazer Delves
Nickola Moore
Scott Mccarthy
Thomas Gravatt
Zone Approvals
1. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
2. Approval of By-laws
Co-option and Election
3. Explanation of Zone Open Place Co-option Procedure
4. Election of Senate Representive
Student Groups
5. Statement of Michael Sims, Student Groups Officer about recent affiliation decisions
6. Statement of Cameron Meldrum, VP Democracy and Creative Industries on the Student Groups Review
7. All-Student Vote Debrief
8. Autumn Elections Debrief
9. Elections Project Team update
10. Vacant PG Committee and Student Leader Positions
11. Spring Elections dates and changes
12. By Elections
Union Representation
13. Zone and Full Time Officer Review
14. Working Group on Under Representation in the Union Democracy Structure
Any Other Business
15. Gender Balancing Rule Debate

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)