The work of the Union is guided by Policy, most of which is set by students elected to Union Council, the highest decision-making body of the Union, which meets six times a year. Some Policy is set by the Annual General Meeting, which happens once a year, where every student can vote.

How do I create a new Policy or change an existing one?

If you’ve got an idea for something you’d like the Union to do – or something you’d like the Union to work with the University or someone else to do - it’s easy. You can send in your idea via You Make Change, the easy way to get involved with the Union. Your idea will go to the next meeting of Union Council (or another body or person, if that’s more appropriate), and you can come along and tell Council why you think your idea is important. Council will then decide what to do with your idea.

Low long does Policy last for?

Policy lasts for three years, and then has to be looked at again every two years after that. Policies that are up for review are considered by the relevant Zone Committee, and a final decision is then taken by Council as to whether the Policy should stay in force or not. When a policy expires it is referred to as a "lapsed" policy.

Recent Policy

Proposal to reject the timing of the rebrand referendum and a request for urgent reconsideration (1516P36)

Active - to be discussed

Events at WSA (1516P17)

Active - to be discussed

Students are stronger in Europe (1516P13)

Active - to be discussed

Democracy Review (1516P14)

Active - to be discussed

The importance of the principle of Freedom of Information (1516P9)

Active - to be discussed

Active Policies

These policies are active, meaning that SUSU actively works towards achieving the resolves and mandates of the policy.

Lapsed Policies

These policies have all expired and are no longer current. The below are kept for historical reference only.