NUS and the Benefits (0203P3)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Trustee

Passed: 15/05/2003 | Lapsed: 11/06/2007

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • At last year’s AGM SUSU voted to disaffiliate from the NUS
  • SUSU can no longer buy through the NUSSL consortium
  • Students no longer have access to NUS cards
  • SUSU now has the ability to make its presence felt on the national stage only through its own means and the Aldwych group
  • That NUS conference voted through a number of reforms. Not least changes to the affiliation fee structure
  • That the debate around membership of the NUS this year has become confused, with rhetoric on both sides and confusion about process
  • That whilst NUS is not as good as some claim it to be, it is not as bad as others claim it to be
  • That a key objection to NUS membership was the affiliation fee structure, which is being reformed
  • That another key objection to NUS membership was deals through NUS Services Limited, which have changed
  • That these and other on-going reforms and changes in NUS have not been examined by SUSU
  • That it would do SUSU and its members a disservice not to monitor the NUS situation and make a fresh assessment of the benefits
  • Not all of the NUS’ services would benefit us, but any recommendation to re-join NUS would have to deliver real benefits to them as individuals
  • That national, collective student representation is important and whilst SUSU will never agree on everything that the NUS does, it would be isolationist and pointless to merely sit on the side-lines whilst every other SU reaps the benefits and influences of its work
  • That cutting off our noses to spite our face should never be an option
  • That SUSU should not reaffiliate until it can prove to us that there are clear benefits in such a reaffiliation
  • To mandate the incoming sabbaticals and UMB to meet with NUS officials to discuss its future work, progress on reform and key issues that SUSU has with it
  • That UMB continues to assess the economic and social implications of affiliation to NUS, looking in detail at savings through NUSSL in light of new figures and fee structures
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