Sport for All (0304P3)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Participation

Passed: 26/01/2004 | Lapsed: 13/06/2011

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That the British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) policy on eligibility of students to compete in the BUSA sports programme limits certain students from participating in BUSA competitions. In order to compete in BUSA a student must:
  • Be registered on a credit rated course; and
  • Be undertaking a study programme equivalent to at least 60 credits per year, or in the case of a postgraduate student be undertaking a study programme of no less than   50% of the full time student programme”
  • SUSU currently has policy passed on May 10 2000 Union Resolves (2) ‘to oppose any    policy that attempts to deny a student at Southampton University the chance to compete in sporting activities’
  • The Athletic Union through a grant from the Students’ Union launched in 2003 a new    initiative called ‘Try it… you might like it’ which has provided financing aimed to broaden   access to sport
  • That sport should be provided on a ‘sport for all’ basis
  • That any student who attends the University of Southampton should have the opportunity to participate in sport through the Athletic Union
  • That the regulations on eligibility to compete in BUSA competitions are essential to ensure that BUSA sport and the higher education system are not reduced in value by   member institutions being able to offer places on lower credit rated courses simply with the aim of having those individuals compete in sporting competitions
  • To replace Athletic Union policy ‘Sport for all’ dated 10 May 2000 with this document.
  • To give any member of the Students’ Union at Southampton University the opportunity to trial for an AU club and to compete in non-BUSA run events where eligible.
  • To continue to develop policy and strategy to provide access for sport to all students at Southampton University.
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