University Provision for Sports Facilities and Services (0304P4)

Status: Lapsed | Zone: Sports Development

Passed: 15/06/2009 | Lapsed: 15/06/2009

This policy was discussed at the following meetings:

  • That the Students’ Union has an existing policy dated 6 May 1999 ‘Pricing policy for sports facilities and services.’ Prior to this policy the Students’ Union policy on ‘Provision of and Charging for Student Sports Facilities’ dated 12th December 1996 stated, ‘That if charging is to be introduced the primary purpose of this should be to enhance existing facilities and/or provide new’
  • That the University has a stated commitment to improve existing facilities and undertake a series of major developments
  • These developments are long term and include the Jubilee Sport Centre at the Highfield campus, development of an outdoor complex at Wide Lane and refurbishment of the Boat hard
  • That a three-tiered pricing structure was introduced for use of University sports facilities in 1999-2000 and that this was narrowed to a single card in 2003/04
  • That student sport is an integral part of the higher education experience, be it competitive, recreational or in the form of sport tuition
  • That existing facilities were recognised some years ago as being inadequate to the ever growing needs of recreational users as well of the Athletic Union
  • The University must continue to make a substantial financial commitment to these developments and that costs shouldn’t be borne solely by levies imposed on users
  • That the University must continue to heavily subsidise representative sport, through the provision of high standard sports facilities without charge to the Athletic Unions
  • That the structuring of charges should be concurrent with the development of facilities
  • Student users should have the option as to what degree of usage of facilities they wish to pay for and that a differentiation should be made between the charging for usage of services and of facilities
  • To repeal existing Union policy dated 6 May 1999 ‘Pricing policy for sports facilities and services,’ and replace it with this motion
  • To mandate the VP (Student Activities) to argue in favour of the re-introduction of a structured pricing policy for sports facilities and services
  • To mandate the VP (Student Activities) and other Union Officers to continue to negotiate on behalf of the Union, and to campaign vigorously to keep charges as low as possible
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